Bead Locks
8-4.   TIRE, WHEEL, AND RUNFLAT MAINTENANCE (Cont'd) TM 9-2320-280-20-2 Change 2 8-11 7. Inspect inside diameter fins (9) and center section fins (10) of runflat halves (8) for cracks or broken sections. Replace runflat halves (8) if cracked or broken. 8. Inspect outside diameter (11) of runflat halves (8) for total penetration cracks. Replace runflat halves (8) if cracked. WARNING O-ring sealing surfaces and pressure relief grooves must be kept clean and free of rust and dirt. Failure to do so could cause the wheel assembly to separate under pressure if improperly disassembled, causing serious injury or death. 9. Using wire brush, clean studs (16). Clean all dirt and foreign material from rim halves (12) and (14) with soap and water and allow to air dry. Ensure O-ring sealing surfaces (17) and pressure relief grooves (15) on rim halves (12) and (14) are not cracked, bent, and do not have oversized mounting holes. 10. Inspect rim halves (12) and (14) for cracks, bent sealing surfaces, or oversized mounting holes. Replace rim halves (12) or (14) if cracked, bent, or if mounting holes are oversized. WARNING Never use wheel assemblies with studs which are damaged, loose, or have damaged threads. Damaged studs can cause improper assembly, which could cause individual fasteners to fail. Any of these situations could cause serious injury or death. 11. Inspect rim half (14) for cracked, broken, rusted, pitted, bent, or loose studs (16). 11.1. Inspect studs (16) for damaged or deformed threads. Replace studs (16) if threads are damaged or if studs (16) are damaged or loose (para. 8-8). 12. Inspect valve stem (13) for cracks or deterioration. Replace valve stem (13) if cracked or deteriorated.



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