Ford Bronco Gas Tanks




Ford Bronco Gas Tanks



Gas Tanks

Bronco Graveyard 45 gal tank

JC Whitney 45 gal tank

MTS Company 33 gallon tank with 3 5/8" or 2" sending unit hole. Includes lock ring and O-ring. Dimensions 21" x 31" x 15".  If you use a plastic tank, you may need to have an additional ground wire for your sending unit, which can be done either in the tank (ground sending unit to pump ground) or out side the tank (attach ground wire to metal screw).  The 3 5/8" sending unit made for 1990 and newer trucks has an extra gray wire which must be ground for the sending unit to function.  picture of 45gal tank

Side profile of the OEM Tank.

Stock Tank

Height = 17"
Width = 30"
Depth = 19"
Frame rail to bottom of tank = 7.5"


NWM 45 gallon tank
Height = 17"
Width = 30"
Depth = 27.5"
Frame rail to bottom of tank = 8.5" 40 gal


Fuel Systems

EFI requires high-pressure fuel at all times.  Extreme maneuvers or off camber positioning when the tank is partially filled can result in an interruption of fuel flow which can't be tolerated by an EFI system.  Therefore, a reservoir system is used to store backup fuel to prevent stalls.


From 1987-1989, EFI Broncos use a low pressure pump in the tank that pumped fuel to an inline Single Function Reservoir which feeds a high-pressure inline pump.  The 33 Gallon gas tanks has a 2" hole for the sender unit.


Later model Broncos (1990 and newer) use a single high pressure pump in the tank.  This pump is contained in what is called a "Fuel Delivery Module" which includes an integral reservoir and venturi jet system - and in essence combines the low pressure and high pressure pump with the reservoir all in one.  The 33 Gallon gas tanks has a 3 5/8" hole for the sender unit.


If you decide to add a second tank:

In pre 1990 trucks, switch out the Single Function Reservoir with a Dual Function Reservoir.  The Dual Function Reservoir mechanically switches the return fuel to the tank that's pumping fuel into it.  The only other item you should need (besides a tank, pump or your choice, hoses, clamps and brackets) is a switch between the two pumps.


For 1990 and greater trucks, the FDM stops fuel from returning to it if it is shut off, therefore - You only need a tee connection for your two fuel out lines and two fuel return lines and a switch.



Hairpin Clip Fittings

Duck Bill Clip Fittings

You need a Push Connect Disassembly Tool T82L-9500-AH


Fuel Tank Locking Wrench D90P-9275-A


Fuel Pumps




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